Lifelong Learning including TVET

Lifelong Learning including TVET

Under this priority, the focus lies on developing policies and creating learning opportunities for all citizens to access continuing professional development and enhance their skills throughout their lives to cope with the negative side effects of globalisation, demographic changes, and rapid technological developments. Initiatives in the Fourth Priority can be classified into two types. The first is providing a platform for dialogues among the ASEM partners on lifelong learning and TVET related themes. The second is research and data collection on lifelong learning among the partners.

In comparison with the other Priorities, the Fourth Priority has fewer initiatives. Therefore, the role of the ASEM LLL Hub in leading the initiatives and putting forward recommendations to the next ASEMME is crucial. All ASEM partners are invited to work with ASEM LLL Hub to achieve shared goals in lifelong learning, including TVET. Also the the Working Group on Innovative Competences and Entrepreneurship Education, led by the Republic of Korea, provides a discussion arena for innovation and entrepreneurship experts and policy makers from ASEM partners and stakeholders. The Working Group has successfully finished its first phase (2013-2015) and entered the second phase (2015-2017), refining the concept of innovative competency and entrepreneurship skills.


06 Nov 2019 - 08 Nov 2019

ASEM MOOC's Stakeholders Forum 2019

Putrajaya, Malaysia

The ASEM MOOCs Stakeholders Forum 2019 is hosted by the University Malaysia Pahang (UMP and takes pl...

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04 Nov 2019 - 05 Nov 2019

ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms & LO Systems

Lyon, France

The next meeting of the ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms and Learning O...

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04 Nov 2019 - 06 Nov 2019

ASEM LLL HUB Research Network Conference 'Workplace Learning in the Digital Era'

Innsbruck, Austria

The ASEM LLL HUB Research Network on Workplace Learning (RN2) is holding a network conference ‘Wor...

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Lifelong Learning including TVET