14 March 2019

Conference Publication: ASEM Education in a digital world

Conference Publication: ASEM Education in a digital world

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) announced the publication of the Conference Publication 'ASEM Education in a Digital World: Bridging continents, connecting people'. The Conference was held in November 2018 in Cologna Germany. the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation at DAAD has published a conference report, including an introduction to the ASEM Education Process as well as the selected research papers presented during the conference.

The report focuses on the impact of digitalisation on educational cooperation and emphasizes the opportunities for developing tangible and practical cooperation between Asia and Europe through digital means. The selected papers highlight the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in light of the four priority areas of the ASEM Education process: quality assurance and recognition; balanced mobility; cooperation of industry and universities and lifelong learning.

One of the core findings of our conference was that, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 – inclusive and equitable quality education – digital technologies provide a great basis for a wider and more equal access to education. Digitalisation offers tools to further connect Asia and Europe and to promote knowledge and cultural exchange.

The publication can be accessed and downloaded from our publication database: Access publication here

The DAAD is grateful for the interest and active participation of the conference attendees and would like to thank all presenters who have enriched our conference with their input and have joined the conference from all over the world. Moreover, the DAAD and the ASEM Education Secretariat would like to express our gratitude to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for funding the conference as well as this publication.