ASEM Network of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Description of the Initiative

In recent years, MOOCs are increasingly being recognized and adopted as a new educational strategy in many countries, amidst social innovations rapidly changing the educational environments and labor demands. Against the backdrop, the Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea has suggested the ASEM Network of MOOCs program during the 1st Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM1) for the 6th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting in November 2016. The program includes the ASEM MOOC Stakeholders’ Meeting, joint development of the ASEM MOOC contents and degree courses, development of the guidelines for contents development and management, identifying best practices on recognition of learning outcomes and others.

As one of the major tasks for the ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative, the Joint development of ASEM MOOC contents aims to contribute towards enhancing mutual understanding and regional cooperation through co-development, mutual use of quality MOOC contents, and their exchanges within ASEM partner countries.  More specifically, the project will focus upon the joint development of three to four MOOC contents by the universities in the ASEM partner countries which are designated by, and in cooperation with, MOOC platform-operating institutions in the region. The priority area will tentatively be those of hospitality and tourism, data science, and language and culture, depending upon the availability of participants and funds. The number of MOOC courses is expected to three to four, all of which will be offered and operated under the title of a credential or degree course as a pilot.

ASEM Partners and Stakeholders involved

Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Belgium (Flemish Community), Republic of Korea (coordinator), Thailand, the Philippines and Germany (DAAD)

Activities, progress and achievements

  • First ASEM MOOC Stakeholders Meeting: Seoul, Korea, 6 April 2017

The ASEM MOOC Stakeholders’ Forum started off with the ASEM MOOC Stakeholders’ Meeting, which took place on 6thof April in Seoul, Republic of Korea. MOOC stakeholders including experts, professors, government officials, practitioners from over 10 partner countries and institutions joined the Meeting. Through the Meeting, having fully recognized the significances of considering the benefits for not only the collaborating countries but the students in the region for all projects, it was widely agreed that providing collaborative MOOCs in areas such as language and culture would raise the mutual intercultural understanding among students who participate in exchange programs and their hosts, thereby contributing to enhancing mobility and cooperation in ASEM region.

  • Second ASEM MOOC Stakeholders Meeting: Seoul, Korea, 20 November 2017

The forum has been organized by National Institute for Lifelong Education (NILE), a national-level agency under the Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea, one of the leading organizations for the ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative. The purpose of the 2nd ASEM MOOC Stakeholders’ Forum was to review the major progress made since the launch of the Initiative as well as to share its future directions with its participants. Besides, the forum established a basis for the MOOC-based cooperation process for the ASEM region, through signing the joint statement between Chulalongkorn University of Thailand and Korea University of Republic of Korea, trilateral MoU between Dusit Thani College, Mae Fah Luang University of Thailand and Jeju National University of Republic of Korea as well as bilateral MoU between FUN-MOOCs of France and K-MOOC of Republic of Korea.

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