ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning

Description of the initiative

The ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning is a biannual event organized in a thematic forum. The forum seeks to engage representatives from all 32 European member states and 19 Asian countries under the auspices of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) to discuss and construct concepts and practices for lifelong learning. At the forum researchers, policymakers and practitioners will discuss contemporary possibilities of developing 21st century skills for lifelong learning, key concepts for policies and practices in Asia and Europe and what role researchers and policy makers should play in creating lifelong learning opportunities for all in Asia and Europe.

ASEM Partners and stakeholders involved

  • Initiative : ASEM LLL HUB
  • Open to all representatives from all ASEM countries representing ministries, agencies, or stakeholder organizations.
  • Partners involved: open to all ASEM partners

Activities, progress and achievements

  • First ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2016 “21st Century Skills”: Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-6 October 2016

The ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning is a biannual event and the 2016 Forum had the theme of “21st Century Skills”. The Forum “21st Century Skills” discussed how to develop 21st century skills for lifelong learning and examined relevant policies in Asia and Europe. The role of researchers and policy makers in creating lifelong learning opportunities for all is also highlighted in the Forum. The Forum organises also invited participants of the ARC5 Students’ Forum and 7th Model ASEM to provide a youth perspective to the discussion and share the recommendations they have drafted at their respective forums. A total of 120 participants from 30 countries took part in the Forum. Based on this Forum, ASEM LLL Hub made the following recommendations:  21st century competencies should enable us to master interdisciplinary approaches for creative problem solving in specific contexts. The different learning cultures must be taken into account to bring about creative problem solving. Across the ASEM countries and across different learning cultures, there appears to be an established consensus on the need for investment in ICT pedagogy, on what adult educators core competencies are, and on a concerted effort to identify which competencies future lifelong learner must be able to acquire by using digital technologies.

 More information on the Forum can be found here. You can download the programm booklet here.


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