Promoting a dialogue on sharing best practices and future perspectives in TVET

Description of the initiative

The goal is to exchange the best practices on TVET policies in ASEM countries through dialogue, specifically focusing on presenting examples of involvement of industry in TVET planning, education and training process, skills development and international cooperation.

ASEM Partners and stakeholders involved

Initiative: Latvia. Open to all representatives from all ASEM countries representing ministries, agencies, or stakeholder organizations.

Activities, progress and achievements

  • First ASEM Seminar on TVET: Riga, Latvia, 24-25 April 2018

Latvia organised the first ASEM seminar on Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The TVET seminar in Riga brought together common views and ideas on the challenges that both the Asian as the European regions are facing linked to the development of the labor market and in the society as a whole. Digital transformation, automatization and robotization are at the basis of rapid technological development on the labor markets in European and Asian countries. Therefore current and future generations in both regions should adapt in all stages of their life and should be equipped with skills and competences to cope with these rapid changes. It goes without saying that education in general but especially TVET and Lifelong Learning play an important role in developing and transforming skills that help individuals to adapt constantly in a person’s life for better employability and access to decent work: vocational and technical skills but also skills and competences to adapt more easily to changing labor markets, such as Lifelong Learning Skills, Life Skills and Key Competences. Read the report of the meeting here.

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