ASEM Joint Curriculum Development Project in Tourism and Hospitality Education

Description of the Initiative

ASEM Joint Curriculum Development Project was first initiated in the ASEMME4 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2013. The subject of the programme is tourism education at master level. The objectives of the ASEM Joint Curriculum are:

  • Enriching the quality of higher education institutions by collaborating with more institutions in ASEM countries.
  • Building mutual trust regarding the equivalence of 
quality through National Qualification Framework 
referencing mechanism among ASEM countries.
  • Increasing the number of student mobility from ASEM countries to experience, explore, and understand culture, 
local indigenous arts, and languages.

ASEM Partners and Stakeholders involved

Germany, Indonesia and Romania.

Activities, Progress and Achievement

  • First Expert Group Meeting: Bali, Indonesia, 31 October – 2 November 2014

The expert group meeting was attended by five committed member countries, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Germany, Lithuania, and Indonesia. It is the first step to implement the ASEM Joint Curriculum Development Pilot Scheme in the field of tourism and hospitality. This meeting discussed on how to start implementing a joint curriculum, the formulation of joint curriculum according to the learning outcomes, student exchange, and evaluation, and the way to develop it further.

  • Second Expert Group Meeting: Bonn, Germany, 12-13 March 2015

The second meeting was organized by DAAD and attended by representative from Germany, Indonesia and Lithuania. The meeting discussed the academic degree, preliminary denomination of the programmes, duration of the study, credit points and the framework of the degree profile. As the further step to implement the programme, the participants agreed to develop the MoU between participated universities.

  • Third Expert Group Meeting: Bali, Indonesia, 27-28 May 2016

The meeting was organized by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Indonesia and attended by representatives from Indonesia and Romania who discussed the future cooperation in tourism and hospitality between Indonesia and Romania under ASEM Joint curriculum programme.

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