ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms and Learning Outcome Systems

Description of the Initiative

The Expert Working Group was established to discuss interregional credit transfer mechanisms and learning outcome systems amongst ASEM member countries. The mission of the Expert Working Group is to facilitate dialogue, enhance understanding, strengthen mutual-trust, and promote cooperation in areas of credit transfer mechanisms and learning outcomes systems. The working group focusses on the development of concrete and feasible plans while taking into consideration the diversified realities in the ASEM member countries. The final aim is to foster the establishment of ASEM interregional credit transfer mechanisms, and establishment of criteria for interregional recognition of credits and learning outcomes.

ASEM Partners and Stakeholders currently involved

Belgium (French and Flemish Communities), Brunei Darussalam, China, Estonia, France, Indonesia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Thailand and UK, SEAMEO RIHED.

Activities, Progress and Achievement

  •  First Expert Group Meeting: Beijing, China, 24-25 March 2016

The 1st Meeting of the Expert Group made several key recommendations:

  1. Officially establish the Expert Group and approve the Terms of Reference of the Group;
  2. Establish the Secretariat of the Expert Group in CDGDC;
  3. Undertake collaborative research coordinated by China with contribution open for other ASEM member countries;
  4. Organise an international seminar at the end of 2016 in collaboration with regional and international organisations (UNESCO, INQAAHE, APQN, and ENQA) on the platform of Cross-Border Quality Assurance Network (Documents page);
  5. Explore the feasibility of an “ASEM Study/ Courses Portal” on Credit Transfer and Learning Outcomes to promote student mobility.
  • Second Expert Group Meeting: Ghent, Belgium 26-28 April 2017

Belgium hosted the 2nd Expert Meeting on 26-28 April 2017 in Gent, back to back to the PLA on Qualifications Frameworks in relation to Quality Assurance and Recognition. The expert group concluded that the following steps should be followed:

  1. Identify the use (best practices) of learning outcomes in study/course catalogues (as the result of course design);
  2. Describe the use of credits/grades within a country on the basis of an agreed template;
  3. Explore a system of credit transfer and grade conversion between these countries.
  • Third Expert Group Meeting: Bangkok, Thailand, 29-30 August 2017

Thailand hosted the 3rd Expert Meeting on 29-30 August 2017 in Bangkok. The main result of the meeting is the complete review of the set-up and structure of the ‘Compendium on Credit Systems and Learning Outcomes in ASEM member countries’. It was agreed to:

  1. Complete the review of the existing template;
  2. Specify in the introduction the main goal and target group of the compendium;
  3. Compile a glossary of all template related terms;
  4. Prepare an online tool to gather the input of all ASEM partners;
  5. Peer review of the individual contributions with the support of the expert group;
  6. Discuss the future format and dissemination of the compendium (e.g. online-version);
  7. It was also agreed in consensus to review the ‘Terms of Reference’ for the future work of the expert group.
  • Fourth Expert Group Meeting: Jakarta, Indonesia, 1st June 2018

Indonesia hosted the 4th Expert Group Meeting on first June 2018 back-to-back with the ISOM in Jakarta (3rd-5th June). The main outcomes of the meeting have been the review of the 'Terms of reference' of the Expert Group, the fully revised structure of the ‘Compendium on Credit Systems and Learning Outcomes in ASEM member countries’ and a concrete action plan until ASEMME 7. The Expert Group

  1. Reviewed the 'Terms of reference' of the Expert Group;
  2. Completed the review of the 'Compendium on Credit systems and Learning Outcaomes in ASEM member countries' and structured the Compendium into three chapters (1. Description of HE system, 2. Quality assurance in HE, 3. Credit system in HE);
  3. Set up an action plan for forthcoming activities culminating in a new online tool that should be presented and shared during ASEMME 7 in May 2019.
  • Fifth Expert Group Meeting: Cologne, Germany, 20th November 2018

Germany hosted the last Expert Group Meeting on 20 November 2018 back-to-back with the meeting 'ASEM Education in a digital world' in Cologne, Germany. The Expert Group 

  1. Completed peer review of the templates from contributing countries;
  2. Explored divers types of online tools and decided to set up a compendium online tool capable to visualise countries by maps and to copare their data. A search engine referring to the glossary should be also included;
  3. Discussed how good practice examples on learning outcomes and grade conversion between Asia and Europe could be presented in the ASEM Education Process.

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