ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub

Description of the Initiative

The ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub) is an official network for university cooperation in Lifelong Learning Research between Asia and Europe.
The ASEM LLL Hub's operation is part of the ASEM education process. The Hub brings together more than 100 researchers in its 5 research networks, senior representatives of 36 universities in its University Council and Senior Officials from 25 ministries of education and five flagship international organisations. Until 2018, the ASEM LLL Hub was hosted by the Aarhus University Denmark and funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 2018. In 2019, the Secretariat of the Lifelong Learning Hub was taken over by the University College Cork, Ireland. 

Aims and objectives

  • To provide a platform for dialogue between researchers, practitioners and policy makers in order to contribute to evidence-based educational reform and innovation
  • To provide a specialist network of Asian and European universities, working and learning together to achieve excellence in comparative research on lifelong learning.
  • To promote the mobility of students and academic staff within and between the two regions.
  • To  produce coordinated publications and reports in 5 reserarch networks
  • To disseminate the research results with evidence-based policy recommendations by yearly seminars and conferences, publish books and disseminate information on its website in order to support policy makers in the ASEM Education area. 

ASEM Partners and Stakeholders involved

Universities and researcher from all ASEM Partner countries can be involved. THe ASEM LLL Hub is currently hosted by the University College Cork, Ireland.

Progress and Achievements

 All research publications are available on the website of the ASEM LLL Hub.


ongoing, recently taken over by the University College Cork, Ireland. The work of the ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub was on hold for about a year, and needs to be revitalised by the new host. 

Plans and expected outcomes

The ASEM LLL Hub, considered one of the largest international networks of researchers, was officially transferred from Denmark to Ireland at the ASEM Ministers Meeting in Bucharest on May 15, 2019. Dr Séamus Ó Tuama was announced as the Chair of ASEM LLL Hub at that ministerial meeting. The intention is to host the Irish Secretariat of ASEM LLL Hub at UCC and to maximise the direct benefits for Ireland and the international community over the term of Ireland’s stewardship. A process of review and refocus will be carried out in autumn 2019 ahead of the ASEM LLL Hub Forum 2020 — a full meeting of the networks and councils to devise and adopt a five-year plan during the period of Ireland’s hosting of the ASEM LLL Hub. It is proposed to hold this ASEM LLL Hub Forum 2020 in Ireland in March 2020.

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